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When You Need The BIG Picture

With Kanbanize you visualize the project plan in dedicated Management Boards and break down the work across one or more Team Boards. This creates a work hierarchy that spans multiple levels in the organization and creates unmatched transparency across the whole value stream.As teams complete work on their team boards, the progress and potential risks are visualized on your management boards automatically. 


Why Kanbanize?

You need professional Kanban software to take your Agile implementation to the next level. Kanbanize is the most advanced Kanban platform on the market, our support is legendary, and we are officially recommended by Kanban University.


The MOST FLEXIBLE Kanban software on the market.


AMAZING SUPPORT from humans to humans.


Officially recommended by KANBAN UNIVERSITY

New Features in May 2020:

Kanbanize 7.0 is live

Amazing new analytics, Power BI integration, eleven brand new analytics widgets and a whole new universe of reporting capabilities. 

Improved transparency

Built with scale in mind, Kanbanize helps you visualize the key projects in your company and creates transparency across multiple organizational levels.

Boost team productivity

When your teams apply the principles of Kanban, such as Limiting Work In Progress and Managing Flow, they achieve huge productivity improvement, frequently reaching as much as 300%.

Built-in automation

Managing dependencies and tracking the overall status doesn't need to be hard. Having flexible Business Rules integrated with your Kanban software, you automate it all.

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Free ebook: Project Manager's Guide to Kanban

There is a better way to manage projects. The Kanban way! In this practical guide including implementation examples, you'll learn how Kanban can boost your team's efficiency and minimize wasted resources.

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Getting Started with Kanban

Trying to get started with Kanban? Learn about the fundamentals of the Kanban method, Kanban boards and how they can help you become more efficient.

Agile Project Management

Looking to learn what is Agile project management? If so, find out where Agile comes from, what it focuses on and why it is important for today's businesses.

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