Kanban boards

Mapping your workflow on Kanbainze’s Kanban boards helps you keep track of tasks, alleviate bottlenecks, and always get accurate status reports in real-time.


Kanban boards

The Kanban Board is a tool for workflow visualization that provides full transparency of work. All work items are visualized as Kanban cards, allowing each team member to move cards and see every task’s status.

feature 01

Interlinked boards

Kanbanize allows you to create a network of interlinked Kanban boards on a team and management level. You can connect multiple workflows across the organization and achieve incomparable transparency. In addition, this feature makes it easy for you to manage dependencies across teams and departments.

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Kanban swimlanes are horizontal lines that split a Kanban board into sections. With the swimlanes, you can separate different types of work activities and classes of service. In Kanbanize, you may have as many swimlanes as you want to organize your tasks.

feature 03


To get an even more refined structure of your workflow, with Kanbanize, you can divide the different stages of your process into multiple sub-column structures.

feature 04

Customizable board background 

In Kanbanize, you can make your Kanban board more stylish by adding an image that fits your personal preferences. Each user can set up their unique board background.

feature 05

Card templates

Kanbanize allows you to create and apply card/task templates with complex structures, predefined properties (card fields), and subtasks. This is extremely helpful for recurring work, and it helps streamline teams’ processes.

feature 06

Merged columns/lanes

The ability to merge cells across lanes and columns in Kanbanize is one of the best ways to achieve a flexible board structure without making it too complicated. For example, this is a suitable option for teams that rely on the same people to review tasks on all swimlanes.

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